As a client, you may ask, "Where do we begin?"

You and I begin in your home so that I can see and feel the architecture and elements to be included in the "new look".  Our beginning discussion will include the following items:

  1. Desired end result
  2. Items and elements to remain
  3. How best we can express your taste, personality, and style preferences
  4. Sequence of changes to be made (Example: paint or flooring)
  5. Selecting a material or accessory that is highly valued to use as a "springboard" for color and texture (Examples: rug, painting, fabric, etc.)

My desire as a professional designer is to create an environment that is warm, welcoming, functional, and simultaneously expresses your individual taste and style (Not mine!).  Beautiful home designs are the objective.  I can enable you to achieve the style, ambiance, and function for a beautiful interior for your home.

Mansell Interior Designs is owned and operated by Ruth Mansell.  She has professional training (MS Degree: Iowa State University), 20-plus years of "hands on" design experience, and demonstrated creativity.